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I'm starting 2022 intending to grow. Help me grow as an artist and influencer and follow.

The Positives and Plights of Being a Ravenclaw

"Ravenclaws devote their lives to knowledge, they often know, especially the writers like me, too much crap."

Can A Christian Make Real, Valid Art?

Art is free of faith, and by being so, it is the only vehicle capable of understanding the human condition. —W. Alexander

Journeys: A Life in Review

My point is simple: resolutions work. If you invest in yourself and commit, you will find success with whatever you choose to do.

The Day god Died: Chapters I & II

"...I hated him and his kind. I hated his affluence, his expensive clothes, his chiseled looks, and the arrogance he was born too. But most of all, I hated the power he held over me, his assumption of authority, and the truth of his superiority."

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Back To Workshop

I’ll be done with my degree in a few months, and that means my workshop classes will be history. This breaks my heart, as I fear without the structure of “deadlines,” I won’t write as much. I have my local writer’s group, and without school’s work load, I will be able to attend far more... Continue Reading →

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