A Nod To Derry’s Son

Derry, New Hampshire was the longtime home of Robert Frost. This poem is in dedication to my favorite poetry book: North of Boston, and his poem October.

Why-oh-why is it your problem I’m bi. 2 Minute Read

Peace matters more than being right. In life, there are some seasons when we have to love some people from a distance, but remember we still have to love.

On Writing: Stopping and Noticing

Trust me..., stopping and noticing the details around you is life's most generative experience, not only will your writing improve, but so will your mental health.

Visiting Virginia & Graduating from Liberty University

My fellow graduates came from every state and country, from every economic and political theory you can imagine, and every religion rostered. At Liberty University, All Are Created Equally.

Sell-outs & Cowards. How Consumerist Christianity Ruined Its Rich, Artistic Heritage

Capitalism is the enemy of art, because it forces labels on artists to succeed.


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