Forlorn Light: Virginia Woolf Found Poems, by Nazifa Islam

Several poems left me exposed and shivering, as if I were in front of a mirror which revealed what's inside the reader. The images I discovered moved me to tears. And, the more I studied, the more I understood myself.

Book Review: Ordinary Genius, A Guide for the Poet Within

"This book is a must-read for those curious about writing poetry..."

N.L. Blandford: On Writing

"People can shy away from topics because they are hard, and it can be easier to call them dark, rather than truth, or an aspect thereof. I believe that it is in the dark that we can really start to understand the true nature of our world and its people." —N.L. Blandford

Book Review: The Portrait of a Lady, by Henry James

"Throughout these pages, the reader finds the brushwork of the master, and like all great artists, James can not only paint a story by the prowess of his craft, but, simultaneously, he hangs a mirror of enigmas and human complexity. Every reader can relate to the figurative handcuff’s persons’ finds themselves confined to." —W. Alexander

Book Review: Creating Character Arcs, by K.M. Weiland

by K.M. Weiland My rating: 4 of 5 starsFantastic!The arc is the story, and it is worth any writer's time to learn or refresh their understanding of character arcs. I am an English major with a concentration in creative writing. However, I am close to graduating (this winter), and only one course of mine went... Continue Reading →

Book Review: On Writing, by Stephen King

"What I took from this book? Stephen King is not superman, and neither does the aspiring writer need to be. King makes it clear, writers are made in the trenches, and those who put their nose to the grindstone, and never let anything stop their writing, succeed."

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