I’m Published in The Closed Eye Open

Hi, friends and readers, subscribers and first-time-site clickers. I have big, beautiful news to share with you. I published in The Closed Eye Open, which is an impressive literary journal boasting beautiful art and great writing. If you're looking for something new, creatively speaking, to delight and inspire you, I recommend reading The Closed Eye... Continue Reading →

Sell-outs & Cowards. How Consumerist Christianity Ruined Its Rich, Artistic Heritage

Capitalism is the enemy of art, because it forces labels on artists to succeed.

Can A Christian Make Real, Valid Art?

Art is free of faith, and by being so, it is the only vehicle capable of understanding the human condition. —W. Alexander

Journeys: A Life in Review

My point is simple: resolutions work. If you invest in yourself and commit, you will find success with whatever you choose to do.

W. Alexander Joins TikTok

I’m starting a TikTok to reach more people. I’ll talk writing of course, but I will also share my faith and thoughts on current events. I will not be regularly posting, like my art page, to my blog. I am using my platform to announce this addition to my work. Don’t you worry, my blog... Continue Reading →

A Life Lived for Art Is Never A Life Wasted

To write well, you have to write what-you-know, and your knowledge about what motivates, scares, angers, and affirms the individual person are the brushes you will use to paint page after page.

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