Visiting Virginia & Graduating from Liberty University

My fellow graduates came from every state and country, from every economic and political theory you can imagine, and every religion rostered. At Liberty University, All Are Created Equally.

I’m a college grad—finally

I'm a stay-at-home father of two-toddlers, and until March 18, 2022, I was a full-time student at Liberty University—LUO. Juggling these two responsibilities turned out to be a defining moment in my life. I think it's worth recapping, don't you? If not, too bad. You're here anyway, so keep reading. 😂 Why did I go... Continue Reading →

Can A Christian Make Real, Valid Art?

Art is free of faith, and by being so, it is the only vehicle capable of understanding the human condition. —W. Alexander

Portrayals of Commodus, From the Senate Floor to Hollywood

"Commodus is often portrayed as an inept, spoilt, cowardly, and mentally ill man. None of these are true."

Masters of The Craft: Stephen Crane, The Herald of Naturalism

All great writers master the craft, but Crane—like Whitman, like Dickinson, like Hemingway, like Hugo, like Pope, like Voltaire, like Homer, like Kafka, like Woolf—had a touch of the divine; that unteachable it factor, and it is among the company of these writers where he lives forever in the pantheon of literary immortality.

Book Review: The Portrait of a Lady, by Henry James

"Throughout these pages, the reader finds the brushwork of the master, and like all great artists, James can not only paint a story by the prowess of his craft, but, simultaneously, he hangs a mirror of enigmas and human complexity. Every reader can relate to the figurative handcuff’s persons’ finds themselves confined to." —W. Alexander

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