Writing, Politics & Faith—Trigger Warning

President Evil, by W. Alexander

Nearly, two-years ago, when I started my blog, I wanted to focus solely on the writer’s craft. I love writing; I love the science behind storytelling, and I spend all my free hours, like a sponge, absorbing and devouring everything I can learn. However, writing, albeit my purpose in life, is not all of who I am. I follow quite closely politics, and, as you already know, I am a Christian. I do not see a time when I will ever get away from writing about writing, but, today, I feel I must write about politics.

As an artist, I have a place, mentally, I can go in order to create. Sometimes, there is a gate blocking this process, and in order to unlock it, I must step back, process and empty certain thoughts. Today, this gate is politics and faith—specifically national politics. One of my creative blocks is the ongoing existential climate our country suffers.

I cannot, for-the-life-of-me, understand why people still support our former President. Donald Trump has proven to be far more dangerous than any terrorist America has faced. Now, I am not talking about his policies. Those, although I disagree with them, are policy issues; democracy is about discourse and dialogue between differences. I am talking about his, and his followers, disregard for the democratic process. They believe our election was sabotaged, and that Trump actually won. I know, I know, a broken record, but the thing is, he’s back. Over the weekend, Trump held a rally in Ohio—his revenge tour. There, media denying evangelicals showed up in droves. These people, at this point, and after all this country has suffered, continue to spread false, no stupid, conspiracy theories. Naturally, most of these people are boomers and impressionable millennials. If history repeats itself, and it always does, then you can hear the faint hum of Nazi Germany’s grand march oscillating across rural, Christian America.

See, leaders like Trump know something: evangelical, Christian America has a persecution complex. They are always looking over their shoulders and arguing over their rights. It makes no difference that their rights have never been threatened and are protected by the constitution—a document they believe equal to the bible, but like the bible, they have never read. They believe any opinion that doesn’t come from their podcasts or low-budget, racist news networks must be wrong. This is how you lose democracy: you make a large group of people believe a lie despite the facts. Nothing annoys a Trumper more than facts and logic. They can’t speak the language.

I am not beating up on conservative politics. I use to be a vehement conservative, and, perhaps one-day, I’ll elaborate on that deconstruction process, but it is, even today, ongoing. I am beating up on Trumpism, and its nationalistic grip on American Christianity. Many of his supporters, I admit, are good, hard-working people, but, as the saying goes, “hell is full of people with good intentions.” At this point, if you believe the election was stolen, and in the Q conspiracy, and you still support trump, I suggest you repent.

This is hard for some people to realize: Jesus was not and is not an American. It is my opinion, and data backs it up, that White Christian Nationalism is the biggest threat this nation faces. Love of country is not equal to love of God, and patriotic Christianity is idolatry. A major sin. It’s okay, I guess, for these people to be conservative, but it is sacrilege, metaphorically speaking, to place the flag behind the pulpit.

Now, here me out, most of these, like I said, supporters are baby-boomers. They grew up in a different time, and they desperately hold onto an ideal of America that never existed and stands no chance of existing. Their rampant crony capitalism turned the America that conquered fascism into the world’s new Roman Empire. The Trumper believes in growth first, and me first. They don’t care what resources they rip from the Earth, who gets hurt, or what happens as long as their interests are taken care of. Yes, blatant selfish policymaking. Many liberals, on the other hand aren’t that great either, but, at least, they see the world through the lenses of community first. Here, the real Christians and liberals have common ground: they believe it is not about ‘me first,’ but about their ‘neighbors first’, and this is something a Trumper, even if he/she wears a cross and attends Church on Sunday’s doesn’t do: they do not love their neighbor.

Yes, they will fight you on this, but they are, commonly, blatantly racist and behind the times. Their love of consumption—crony capitalism—and their filter of seeing things through an-all-white-viewpoint has compromised the country they claim to love. Again, one can hear the drum beat of Nazi Germany percolating to the surface. Did not Hitler rise on the slogan, Make Germany Great Again? The answer is yes.

I have family dupped by the Q conspiracy, and it is hard to watch. My wife and I are heart broken when we see friends and loved ones become indoctrinated. I can point fingers at a number of causes: their inability to critically think, or their rampant cognitive dissonance, but that comes off unloving, and it does nothing to win them back to reason. You can’t strong arm people into opening their eyes. Trumpers, as you can guess, disagree. They honestly believe we should get tougher on laws and keep, for example, protesters in line. Obviously, they never took a history class. In fact, most Christian nationalist’s have very little knowledge of their own history.

For me, I knew Trump would lose the previous election the day he attacked peaceful protestors in Lafayette Square to take a photo with an upside-down Bible outside an Episcopal Church in D.C. I knew at that moment he would lose. I believed God wouldn’t stand for it. That was autocrat behavior, and I am still shocked by it. Of course, the entire Episcopal denomination issued a disapproval of what he did and lashed out at him for using one of their churches as political theatre.

Okay, okay, W. Alexander, but what does this assessment of America’s political climate have to do with writing? Good question. A writer must write the truth, and the truth—the judgement of our times—is evangelical America is in the grip of the very anti-Christ personality they prepare themselves to battle. Fifty-years from now, our grandchildren will learn the dark history of the Trump era, and how their way of life, their free country was threatened, from within, to be destroyed. I work toward a future where we will tell the truth about our times. As a writer, I will, like Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Virginia Woolf, etcetera, tell the truth about what happened and my work will protest the sins of our times. Literature will outlive our age; writing has outlived every age. Words are the ultimate weapon. Writer’s always have the final say. I will see to it, their worldview has no future but to be ridiculed.

So, in order for me to write truthfully, I must condemn the far-right’s way of life. I must take a stand. I am not worried if extremist will not buy my books, because, and let’s be honest, they do not read. They don’t even read their own Bibles. I hesitate to pass judgement on a whole worldview, but, I know, if graded against my own words, I can honestly say, I have kept an open mind, and it was God who led me away from modern conservative, far-right politics.

The deconstruction of those values is hard for me, but I cannot serve Christ truthfully, and support Trumpism. Christianity and far-right Republicanism are incompatible, and, even worse, Christian nationalism is idolatry. The American church has been hijacked, and they put themselves at the mercy of a man who has never read his Bible. This exposes, all along, that all far-right Trumpers, that call themselves religious, were just culturally Christian, but not followers of Jesus. Can you imagine how better our country would be if people lived the gospel? What would America look like if we loved our neighbor and protected the immigrant and honored the poor? Is America not the promise land it once claimed itself to be?

Here is my closing prayer:

Lord, I thank you for my country. We—Americans—have sinned time-after-time, but I know no matter what happens, your love remains. God, you have awakened a spirit in us all to combat this new, rising fascism, and this hijacking of your teachings, and, if it is your will, God, please use me in this fight. Please heal our land and revive your church. Nothing is more dangerous than those who believe—in error—they are doing your will, but are doing evil instead. We need you, Lord, to save us from this far-right Christian nationalism. We need you to turn these modern Pharisees back to the strait and narrow path. The path that requires all to boldly walk in love. You are not a weapon for the American Church to use against their neighbor. You are love, and your love, I pray, will fill the hearts of those lost to Trumpism, and those who have turned from you in response to Trumpism. God, forgive this land and heal its people.


W. Alexander

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