Allow me to introduce myself

I first started to write about something generic. You know, apply depth to my new blog. But superficial content plagued the blog I retired two years ago. Instead of capturing me as an individual artist, it became journalism for vegans. I still don’t eat animals. But I don’t want to write about them either. No, with this blog I want to connect with you; the reader. I want to share with you my journey of becoming a professional writer. Think of it as I am calling on the collective power of dreaming introverts. May we isolate together.

The purpose of this blog is to share what I am learning in school and personal study. I am a creative writing student at Liberty University. My hope is by doing this, not only will it help you, but me too. By sharing my experiences and on occasion my writing; I hope to grow as an artist.

Photo: St. Emilion

Introductions are in order. My name is W. Alexander. You already know I am a creative writing student, but just wait, there is more. I am also married and have one child. Plus, another baby on the way. I have traveled extensively across both America and Europe. I love to read, duh! But I also love movies, walks by the lake, and you got it; pouring my heart out onto a merciless blank page. I am passionate about my writing.

Other key things about me?

  • Favorite book? The Hobbit
  • Favorite screenplay? Midnight in Paris
  • Favorite song? Stressed Out
  • Favorite celebrity? Margot Robbie
  • Favorite country? France
  • Favorite pastime? Does cuddling with my cats count? I guess not. I read, a lot!
  • Favorite President? Hmm, not 45

So there you have it. I have written about myself. If you subscribe to continue following my new blog; I promise the next posts will be about writing, art, etcetera. You can also follow me on Instagram. Until next time, live long and prosper. Yes, that just happened.

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